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What are the names of the Jewish months?

by Rabbi Yossi Marcus

Although the Jewish New Year is on the first of the Jewish month Tishrei (around September), the Torah refers to the Jewish months as beginning from Nissan (around March), the month in which the Jewish people left Egypt. So here they are beginning from Nissan:

1. Nissan (March/April), contains the holiday Passover.

2. Iyar—pronounced ee-yahr—(April/May), contains the Second Passover and Lag b'Omer.*

3. Sivan (May/June), contains the holiday Shavuot.

4. Tammuz (June/July), contains the fast day 17th of Tammuz.*

5. Av (July/August), contains the fast day Tishah B’av.*

6. Elul (August/September), month of introspection leading up to the New Year.

7. Tishrei (September/October), contains Rosh Hashanah, the fast of Gedaliah*, Yom Kippur and Sukkot.

8. Mar Cheshvan (October/November)—commonly known as Cheshvan.

9. Kislev (November/December), contains Chanukah.*

10. Tevet (December/January), contains the fast day 10th of Tevet.*

11. Shevat (January/February), contains Tu Bishvat (New Year for trees).*

12. Adar (Febuary/March), contains the fast of Esther and the holiday of Purim.*

*This is not a biblical holiday and thus "work" is not prohibited.

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