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Why do we count the Omer at night? Why not in the morning?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg

The Mitzvah is to count each day as it enters. Since the "Jewish day" starts at nightfall, we do the Mitzvah at the first possible opportunity.

Furthermore, the Torah commands us to count "complete" days and weeks. If we would count in the morning the days are not really complete, because we would be missing the nights.

The deeper message of this Mitzvah is powerful yet quite clear. It is imperative that our days be "counted." Every passing day must be treasured and utilized to the fullest extent. Things that are precious are counted and recounted -- and nothing is more precious than time. After all, it's the only commodity which once wasted can never be recovered.

And its not enough to count "half days." The days must be "complete" from beginning to end.

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