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Judaism as a religion is constantly evolving and thus calls for the integration of modern technology into the age-old traditions... AskMoses.com provides free, confidential one-on-one spiritual guidance to people of all backgrounds in a real-time chat window. A scholar or rabbi is available online 24 hours a day, six days a week...
– New York Times

"Have you ever tried to define God? Or wondered whether it is ethical to eat meat? Or debated if pornography is a sin? For a decade, AskMoses.com has been answering questions like these to a growing worldwide audience."
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- Los Angeles Times 

"The site, which contains a huge database on everything from Israeli history to biblical sexual mores, offers live chats in English, Spanish, Russian, French and Hebrew" Click here to read the entire article
- Washington Times 

Website answeres to a "higher power" Click here to see the review

האתך AskMoses מאויש ×¢"י ׹בני חב"ד מכל העולם, שמשיבים לגולשים אונליין על שאלות הנוגעות ליהדות. הש'אט המיליון כב׹ נחגג (Click here to read the entire article - in Hebrew)
- Maariv Israel

“The site’s ‘global network of rabbis’ enables people to get round-the-clock spiritual help.”
– London Daily Telegraph

“Site of the Year”
– Yediot Achronot (Israel's Largest Newspaper) 

"Jewish information website AskMoses.com launched a mobile service in May that delivers free daily text messages with thoughts, questions and moments in Jewish history. It also can tell subscribers their local sunset time and when to light candles before the coming Sabbath." Click here to read the entire article
– Miami Herald  

"The Web site is like a drive-up window for Judaism. Besides the real-time dialogue, it offers a resource guide on topics ranging from Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year... to more philosophical questions about human sexuality"  Click here to read the entire article
– San Diego Union Tribune 

“There are plenty of websites where you can ask religious questions and get authoritative answers.  But AskMoses.com goes a few steps further; visitors at this ambitiously named site can ask their questions and get answers in real time, and they can follow up if they don't understand.  The site is a model of good Web design; there's no clutter, no superfluous junk and the package is unusually attractive.”
– Jewish Bulletin of Northern California

"This week’s Website of the Week is a one-stop on Judaism. Not only does it have lots of questions already answered, but if you ask a new one on any day but the Sabbath, you get a near-instant reply from a rabbi-on-duty.”
– Dallas Morning News

“The [AskMoses] rabbi engaged this reporter on a level that is often neglected in the echo chamber of the World Wide Web.”
– The Jewish Forward

"[AskMoses] is one of the most visited Jewish-themed online destinations. It is the only Jewish website offering live, one-on-one access to rabbis. the website is one of the most visited Jewish-themed online destinations. It is the only Jewish website offering live, one-on-one access to rabbis."  Click here to read the entire article
– San Diego Jewish Journal

"All you wanted to know about Judaism, but were afraid to ask."
– msn.com

"Do you have a question which is left unanswered?"
– Israel.com

"AskMoses and You Shall Receive…  Site provides answers to all things Jewish.”
– Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

"An image of a funky looking graybeard, complete with a hat and shades and a long staff, advertises the services of AskMoses.com, an Internet portal devoted to providing information on the culture and practice of Judaism.”
– Los Angeles Business Journal

"The 24-hour site allows people who get an itch to discuss the Talmud at 2 a.m. a chance to chat and, obviously, to pose their queries."
– Jewish Bulletin of Northern California

"Do you have questions about Jewish thought and spirituality?  Do you need them answered right-friggin’-now?  Well, wonder no more—you can just AskMoses, who, apparently like Santa Claus, has an army of scholarly elfin proxies available to answer your queries in a live chat room 24/6.”
– Montreal Mirror

"Live 1-on-1 chat with Jewish scholars!  Priceless!”
– Israelforum.com

“Unlike previous sites where I had to wait a day or so to have my most profound Jewish questions answered, I was able to get instant gratification.”
– IrishJewishCommunity.com

AskMoses.com is a "hot line" website for people who have a moral dillema they wish to solve through Judaism. It offers live chatting with experts. They provide advice on a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from details of Jewish tradition to personal problems.
– Wikipedia

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