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What is the significance of the "7th Rebbe"?

by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

MaryAnn: Can I ask you a question about the Rebbe? He was the 7th Rebbe... and he had no children, and that title has always been passed down to son or son-in-law, right?

Rabbi Freeman: He is the 7th Rebbe.

MaryAnn: is... sorry

Rabbi Freeman: It's okay.

MaryAnn: Do you believe it is significant that he is the 7th? and all that the number 7 means? and that he has no children?
Rabbi Freeman: The Rebbe spoke about this at the very beginning of his leadership, when he accepted the leadership. He said that we are the 7th generation, and we are the last generation of the exile and the first of the redemption. So for us to add on another Rebbe would be going directly against his words. Rather, he is still the Rebbe, and next comes Moshiach.

MaryAnn: Is there even a leader who would qualify, if you wanted to add another? I better hurry up and convert, LOL!

Rabbi Freeman: There’s no need even to look—the Rebbe is still with us spiritually. The teacher just walked out of the classroom for a minute to see how well the children will do. It’s a stage in true leadership.

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