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What exactly is prohibited during the Omer mourning period?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg

During the days of mourning it is forbidden to:

1. Get married.1

2.  Take a haircut or shave. [A practicing rabbi should be consulted if one feels that his livelihood could be affected if he does not shave.]2

3.Wear a significant new garment (aside for Shabbat).3

4. Recite the Shehecheyanu during the weekdays (unless you are Sephardic).4

5. Listen to music.5

[Ed. note: Askmoses offers general Jewish information; our information doesn't preclude the possibility for other customs.]


  • 1. Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 120:6
  • 2. ibid 120:6; a woman may take a haircut before going to mikvah
  • 3. According to Chabad custom, the blessing Shehechiyanu may only be blessed on Shabbat and Lag B'Omer, Sefer HaMinhagim Chabad, pg. 42
  • 4. See previous footnote
  • 5. Igrot Moshe Vol. 1, ch. 166

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